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Welcome to the Embraced Larp site. If you are a new player please click here for your welcome pack
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October Game

The next event will be held on 2nd October, 7pm start.
Venue Hanover Tap,
112 Hanover Street,
Latest news and updates
NewsFinally, after much work, many tears, more caffeine than I'm willing to admit and some intense debate, V3.0 of Embraced is here!

We'll officially roll out the rulebook at next weekend's event [Details here; https://www.facebook.com/groups/8688837539/permalink/10153508019782540/ ]

The rulebook can be found here; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XKUgP4yNXAwym6DmpwUpF-ZtwluiapxvcVwE3vGupDQ/edit?usp=sharing

(Apologies in advance for the not-quite-pristine quality, but hey, it's got page numbers!)

If you have any questions or comments, we'll discuss them all at the Annual General Meeting this coming Saturday. If you won't be in attendance, feel free to send your questions directly to me to answer. I'll endeavour to write up anything that gets discussed and feed it back to the Facebook page and forums.

Any future amendments to the rulebook will be copied to a separate file (like a changelog) which will be accessible from the forums, to make it easier to see what changes have been enacted.


Next Downtime deadline is Thursday 6th October.
New player information
NewsNEW PLAYERS - When you first register on this site, please use your own name rather than a nick-name, as it helps us keep track of who is who. And please PM Narrator saying who you are so we can get you correct access. Once you have an approved character created, please set up a character profile, PM Narrator again and we'll get character access sorted out.

- Please remember that if you come to a game with a new character that we do not have a background for, you will be given 13th Generation. The background doesn't have to be much, but the more you give us to work with, the more enjoyable the game will be for you.

To submit your background in advance or if you have any questions please email us at embracedthegame@gmail.com.
Embraced is a new system of Vampire Live Action Role Play (LARP) that launched in Edinburgh on May 5th 2007

Is it a game? YES

Is it drama? YES

Is it role-play? YES

Is it like anything you have ever experienced before? NO!

Live Action Role Play is when you take the role of your character, for the duration of the game you become that character. There is no script to follow, no dice to roll, no audience to perform to. Everyone you meet is part of the game, everyone you meet will have their own agenda, everyone you meet has their own goals and ambitions that most probably do not correspond with yours.


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20/09/2016 20:48
Just sent a bunch of PMs but outbox says I haven't... Suspicious xD

31/08/2016 00:26
Account for Diseases though and that drops all the way to 2-5 kindred yikes.

31/08/2016 00:22
225 - 508 Maximum "safe" number of Kindred in Edinburgh ... More than I though smiley

14/08/2016 13:36
So time to get started starting my PBP game of Dark Ages V20.

27/06/2016 16:36
V3.0 of the rulebook is out on the downloads page!

11/06/2016 23:36
Can cecillia have tremere clan access. Please!

09/05/2016 02:30
Hey guys, so! In Character at the moment, phone signal is intermittent and isn't quite working right at the moment. Unless you have a satellite phone, phone conversation is nigh impossible at the

25/04/2016 22:59
Hello peoples! So, those who are involved with the little shindig happening on Wednesday 27th at 7pm... who needs lifts? The location will be Cammo!

02/04/2016 02:25
Hmm... who have I been sending candid pictures from my 2016 Sabbat Renegades calendar to then?

01/04/2016 15:26
Reminder to self, messages need to be send to David Hunter, not Hunter. I was confused!

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